7 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Used Car

March 10th, 2021 by

Buying a used car is always a good idea, mainly because it saves money to help you with future expenses.

However, we want to help you save even more money by offering seven suggestions to keep in mind when purchasing a used vehicle.

Consider buying a used vehicle from years back

Buying a car that is at least a few years old can help you avoid the massive depreciation which occurs in the first several years.

Look at different offers from auto dealers

We recommend you browse different auto dealers and compare the used cars they offer and their costs. There may be occasions when different dealers might have the same car model but at different price ranges and financing deals!

Check the vehicle history

When you find a vehicle you’re interested in, make sure to check the maintenance report and other vehicle history reports that include accidents. With this information, you can verify if the set price is fair.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate

It is not uncommon nowadays to negotiate a lower price with the seller. This strategy will be more effective if you have the vehicle’s history on hand. With proof of past accidents and poor maintenance, it will strongly support your reasons for wanting a lower price.

Use your old vehicle for trade-in credit

Many dealerships will allow you to trade-in your old vehicle for credit towards the sale of a new car. Some dealers will even accept a trade-in as the down payment.

Watch out for add- ons

When finalizing the paperwork for your used car, beware of unnecessary price increases like too many add ons.

You’ll likely be offered many products and encouraged to include them in your financing for just a few dollars per month.

While add ons aren’t necessarily bad; they can result in an unnecessary price increase. Be sure to carefully check and remove those that aren’t catered to your needs.

Increase your down payment

When financing your used vehicle, we recommend making a larger down payment, if possible, to decrease your interest rate.

Additionally, making a larger down payment will lower the amount you’ll need to finance your car, and it could also result in a lower monthly payment amount.

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