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    Tired of seeing everyone else drive a dazzling Ford while you aren’t? The best Ford Dealership in Arizona will get you a stunning Ford.

    Ford is a legend when it comes to the auto sector, as they pioneered the way to the automotive industry by creating the first car. With over 100 years in business, Ford is one of the most recognized brands on the road.

    Ford has brought us some of the most historic classics from the Mustang to the Ford F-150. So, where do you go when you want to get your hands on an exciting Ford?  

    House of Cars Arizona is the best Ford dealership for new and used models in Scottsdale


    Your Finances won’t be an Obstacle  

    At House of Cars Arizona, shoppers come in all different life stages, whether they’re first-time car shopping, upgrading a vehicle, or even looking for a weekend head turner. 

    We have a large variety of options so we can accommodate every wishlist and budget with ease.

    Because our shoppers have different lifestyles, it is only natural that everyone will have a unique financial situation. 

    We have programs that help drivers get behind the wheel of their dream car, so don’t let things like poor credit discourage you from getting what you want and, most importantly, what you need. 


    Park and Sell

    The Park and Sell program is designed to support busy individuals and families who cannot find time in their day to sell their cars privately.

    Instead of selling your car to a dealership at a fixed rate, we will sell your vehicle for you at your set price. This is ideal for those who want more say in price negotiations. 

    Trade-in Trade-in’s are perfect for the individual or families looking to get rid of their vehicles fast. We will buy your car from you at a fair price to put towards your new Ford. 

    The trade-in process is so fast; you can drive in with an old car and drive out with a new one in under an hour.



    Financing a car may seem very intimidating to car buyers, especially those with bad credit. At House of Cars Arizona, we specialize in getting drivers with less than desirable credit into the car of their dreams. 

    We work hard to pair you with the best lender to get you the very best rates to fit your lifestyle and financial needs. 


    One step away from getting the Ford you deserve

    House of Cars Arizona is the best new and used Ford dealership in Arizona because we have the Glitzy Ford you’re looking for, and we can make it happen regardless of credit. 

    Tired of seeing everyone else drive a dazzling car while you second guess your eligibility to sit behind your dream Ford’s wheel? 

    Click here to get prequalified for a FORD and we will make it happen for you. No SIN or DOB required!


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